March 6, 2005

Sabine's birthday!

Thanks a lot: - for all calls, emails from all over the world; - all birthday presents and all visitors joining the party on Pachamama! Sabine enjoyed it very much!

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March 11, 2005


Valdivia, Chile, day 842

contact us! phone: 00871 7625 68 933 or 0056 (for Chile) 09 65 99 807

First of all thanks:

- to Cruising Club of Switzerland to invite me for a total of 6 presentations and to cover all the costs
- to Urs Kraehenbuehl from the Swissnautic exhibition in Bern for the free TOPtoTOP-stand
- to our new member Anne Buechler for all the help during the exhibition: food, accomodation, transportation etc.
- to all members helping on the stand: Reto Schwoerer, Martin Hug, Nicole and Gabi Bolliger, Peter Storm, Thomas Lohbeck etc.
- Bregitte Storm-Kolb for organizing and printing the TOPtoTOP-T-shirts
- to Markus Gissler from Megasol for the solar lamps and Arc'terix for the T-shirts wich we were selling during the exhibition
- to Peter and Rosmarie from Meili Huus for the healthy bed
- to Bucher & Walt for boat parts and a donation of CHF 1000.-
- to Veneziani for boat paint
- to Heimgartner for all the flags
- to Raichle for new shoes, ice-axes and crampons and a donation of CHF 1000.-
- to IBM to lent out a beamer and laptop so that we were able to show the excellent TOPtoTOP-DVD from our member Eric Miles from Studio Five
- to Sunware for the solar panels
- to Canyon for a donation of CHF 1000.-
- to Xoph for the design of all the posters
- to www Swisstopo for the nice map of Swiss TOPtoTOP
- to Hamilton for parts to connect the boiler
- to Katadyn for a water maker and to our new member Klaus Krieger from Superwind, who offered us two of the best existing marine wind generators. They will supply Pachamama with 700 W!

Now we need a frame:
Please design your idea of a nice frame for the two Superwind generators and fax the drawing to +56 63 203 201, incl. note: "for TOPtoTOP"
Take into consideration:
- enough distance between generators, to antennas and people below
- strong construction: near Cap Horn we expect 80 kn!
On the picture the latest idea from the side and from behind.

TOPtoTOP was not only busy in Switzerland there was a lot going on in 7082 Valdivia. Thanks a lot to Milagro, together with Sabine they sew new slips for all pillows.

Besides all the work we have had also some fun:
In Valdivia was the Valdivia festival; - a kind of Carnival on ships on the river.
In Switzerland it was 60 degrees Celsius colder than in Valdivia! After 10 days of no sun light during the exhibition, I got the opportunity to ski with Fritzi, Stephan and Peter ...and to rescue a frozen capricorn.

Our members Ray, Tara & Erik Miles from Studio Five just finished the Great-TOPtoTOP-Film! Contact us and get it now!

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March 21, 2005

Pachamama on land

We are very busy outside and inside of Pachamama to repair the damage of the sturm between Easter Isalnd and Valdivia.
It was not easy to put Pachamama on land! The reason we have to go out so close to the birth of little Schwoerer is because the shipyard has only time now to do the main repairs.

Bad news: Now we know, - the rudder got seriously damaged when we crushed into something during the storm; - may a floating container or a whale?

Good news: Pieter's gift, a shelter for Antarctica arrived in one piece and looks great!

Planing: We talked to the director of CECS; - may Weddell Sea is another option to go on the Antarctic shore.

Note: People they plan to join us in 2005 or 2006 please do the reservation now!

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March 31, 2005

School visits around Valdivia

Dear school directors of the Valdivia region,

please do your inquiry for a TOPtoTOP-visit now. We have to do the planing now and we have many inquiries already.

Thanks a lot,
the TOPtoTOP-team

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