March 1, 2007


Birthday of Sabine and goodbye party!

You are all invited!
Download all informations as PDF.

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March 10, 2007

Media - boat show - world exhibition

In February we have had 70 minutes on TV!

Here some impressions from the SuisseNautic boat show from the 17.-25.2.07 where we have had a stand to present the TOPtoTOP project and where we made presentations for the public and kids.

Thanks to Presence Switzerland we may able to join Switzerland at the world exhibition 2010 in China!

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1st ski race - birthday & goodbye

Congratulation Salina for your 1st race on the 3.3.07 on the Pizol organized by the Skiclub Vilters. Thanks to cousin Flurina she makes it happen.

Happy birthday Sabine!

At the goodbye party on Lanaberg we have been 38 people with a lot of kids eating fondue and climbing mount Gonzen.

Salina likes skiing and says always more, more, more… and so she has nearly no time for après ski.

… so in the night when the kids are sleeping we are at work and our friend TOP web designer Thomas is helping us.

Last note: Sabine’s grandmother died. The funeral will be end of next week.

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March 19, 2007

They are on their way again!

Dario, Sabine, Salina and Andri are on their way again.

Zürich -> London -> Singapore -> Sydney-> Auckland -> Thaiti

We are always with you. With our hearts and our minds.

Your family, close friends and people you met.

Bay Bay, see you soon!

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March 25, 2007

Bivio - Sidney - Tahiti

TOPtoTOP ski touring camp in Bivio, Switzerland: Thanks to Peter Locher and Hotel Post and our TOPtoTOP star photographer Dominik Schaub!

Special thanks to our parents and to all who made our stay in Switzerland a wonderful experience and a success for TOPtoTOP.

On the way back to Pachamama the flight attendants have been quite busy with our kids.
In Sidney we made a stop over to meet Tricia Wilden and Jody Smith from our partner NGO "clean up the world" to coordinate our actions in Australia in 2008.
We were invited at Robert and Corinne's place!
Thanks to our Australian members Kerryn and Bill we were able to meet Stuart Scowcroft and Gay and Eve Sheppard at the Sidney Yacht Club. They will try to organize a free berth for Pachamama in Sidney. Stuart is a film producer and is planning to do a documentary about TOPtoTOP for the "National Geographic Channel" and may be able to organize a HD camera for TOPtoTOP.
Thanks also to Australian customs, where we could deposit our 200 kg of expedition equipment.

Now we are back in Tahiti. Marc & Corinne and Georgy & Dominique helped us to carry our equipment to the boat.
The next few weeks we are preparing Pachamama for our activities: cleaning, painting, set sails, install electronics etc...Unfortunately our batteries are death!

For the next 3 months use Skype to contact us on our mobile phone: 00689 24 47 40.

If you would like to visit or join us please talk to Yvonne Walser. She knows our expedition very well, knows where we are, is always in contact with us and has the best price! Email:, phone: 0041 81 720 45 45

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