February 3, 2008

Super Media coverage in Sydney!

TOPtoTOP in the Sun Harald and on Channel 9!
We are in the EMPIRE MARINA in Drummoyne 380 Victoria Place, if you like to see this unique expedition boat! Our phone: 04 23 45 02 55

NEXT Presentation in Canberra see here.

The first feedbacks after the meida gig:

Hi Dario,
I have just finished reading your article in the Sydney Morning Herald and have had a great time looking at your website - congratulations on a fantastic journey! I am a Science teacher at Hawkesbury High School (NW of Sydney - about 1.5 hrs by car from sydney city - mmm.. not sure of the cycle time?) and I would love it if you and your family could come and talk to some of our science students. I am also the Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator (an adventure community program for kids) and these students would love to hear of your exploits. I am a keen, green cyclist too and would love to meet you. You are all more than welcome to stay at our home in the Blue Mountains and meet my wife Cath and our children Zoe, Georgie and Simon if this helps your expedition. Cheers, Steve Body

Hi, I read the Sun-Herald article today on your climate-change quest and was of course impressed! I teach at a government primary school in Sydney's east, Malabar Public. My students are 9, 10 and 11 years old. This term we are studying global issues and our impact on the planet. Could you let me know where you are speaking over the next month, and whether you would consider visiting our school!! We are only a small school, and not affluent by Eastern Suburbs standards, being strategically located between the Malabar Sewage Treatment Works and Long Bay Gaol! Regards, Alison Nation Malabar Public School

Hello Dario and Sabine I read with interest your article in Sunday's Herald- Congratulations on your commitment to making our world a greener place. I am a secondary teacher at Parramatta Marist High School which is located at Westmead in Sydney. I would love an opportunity to discuss with you whether you are available to come out and speak to a year group, the time frame and costs involved. I am not to sure how long you are in Sydney and what commitments you already have, so if you could reply in a email with some details I would appreciate it. Regards Vanessa Rock

Dario and Sabine, Congratulations on your expedition.I was very impressed after reading about your achievements and plans in the "Sun-Herald" newspaper. I live in Tumut which is about 450km south of Sydney and I would like to invite you to speak at a combined service clubs dinner (Rotary ,Lions and Apex) scheduled for March 19th and perhaps speak at the primary school where I work.Hopefully this date will fit in with your schedule. Thank you, Steven Jenkins

Hello Dario & Sabine , Wow what a great achievement , so inspiring . I love it when people are out there achieving not talking about it . I am a mum at Canterbury public school & I would like it if you could please email me some information about your presentations . Times , cost , availability please . I am going on holidays this Thursday for 2 weeks (to swim with dolphins & seals & do some rain forest walks ) so could you respond ASAP . Thank you Have a great day Karen River

Dario, Sabine, Salina and Andri; I read your story in the Sun Herald newspaper congratulations on what you are doing. I see that you are headed to Victoria but not sure of your route. I live at Wagga Wagga approx 70,000 population is about 230 km’s south west of Canberra and 160km’s north west of Albury Wodonga 110,000 people which is on the border of NSW/Victoria. Albury is about 300km’s north of Melbourne and 600km’s south of Sydney. Let me know your movements I should be able to hook you up with some Accommodation, food etc at my house in Wagga Wagga and Albury at friends if you are headed in that direction. Thanks Shane

Hallo Dario und Sabine, Salina und Andri Wir haben ueber ihre Reise in The Sydney Morning Herald gelesen. Wir (Australier/Australieriin) wohnten 8 Jahren in der Schweiz. Unsere Tochter - jetzt 7 - wurde in Zuerich geboren. Seit 2005 haben wir in Lochiel in der Naehe von Merimbula gewohnt - etwa 550km suedlich von Sydney. Naechste Woche uebernachtet Louis Palmer under das Solartaxi Team zwei Naechte bei uns. Da wir Solarstrom haben, wird Louis die Extra-Batterien des Autos bei uns aufladen. Wart ihr schon hier in unserem Gegend? Faehrt ihr ab jetzt die Kueste nach Victoria entlang? Wenn ja, wuerden wir uns sehr freuen, euch kennenzulernen. Wir wohnen "in the Bush" und wuerden euch gern einladen, bei uns ein biscchen Zeit zu verbringen. Wir koennten auch einen Program organisieren mit Schulen usw, wenn ihr das wollt. Herzliche Gruesse Lis Shelley und Karl Auer und Anna Auer
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February 11, 2008

First song for TOPtoTOP

This message we got today:
"Hey Dario and Sabine
I hope you both are are healthy and well.
Over the last few weeks I have been working on a special song dedicated to you both and the Top to top expedition. You can use it wherever you want to and it will be on the new album comming out later this year. I hope you enjoy it.
Download the 1st TOPtoTOP song from Arnie!
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February 13, 2008

3 Swiss Climate Activists meet in Sydney!

Begin of February we made it back to Sydney together with family Storm.

Tessa, Bregitte and Peter spend one month with us and we had a wonderful time together. Thank you very much for your participation on the TOPtoTOP expedition!

At family Mochamps place we have been babysitters to find out how it will be with 6 children ;-) and to organize the media.

At our home, the expedition sailboat Pachamama, we had two special visitors: Swiss Rudi Schacher, who droved from the North Cape in Norway to Sydney using used cooking oil from restaurants on the way and Swiss Louis Palmer with his Solartaxi. A not planed meeting of 3 Swiss climate activists on the other side of the planet!

After the article in the Sun Herald, we had 2 TV stations asking for an interview (Channel 9 was for Channel 7) and 300 emails the next days. Thanks to all the congratulations! We had also a lot of schools, Rotary- sport- and yacht clubs, museums etc. asking for a presentation. Thanks to the Empire Marina in Drummoyne we were able to park Pachamama in the marina during the interviews. Manager Matthew Hundleby offered us also an internet access, so that we were able to replay all emails more efficiently.

At the Sydney Cruising Yacht Club we had a meeting with Roger Wragby and Justine Kirkjian to discuss our participation for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. It would be a perfect opportunity to promote the renewable technologies on Pachamama; but we need more donations and sponsorship for that?

Begin of February I become a Rotarian of the E-Club of Latin America. The celebration took place at the Rotary Club of Sydney with president Garry Brown. There I met Ingrid, Luca and Federico, 3 Italians, who follows the steps of Darwin. After the Rotary meeting downtown we had a beautiful evening on Pachamama.

We have been very proud to have sailor Ian Keith Wilson on board and family Marbach. Ian organized us the free mooring licence that made our stay in Sydney possible. Marbachs help us in all possible ways.

For my father: ...papageia gits do wia z'vilters spatza...
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Channel 9 Interview online.

Hello there The channel 9 interview with TOPtoTOP is online. Take a look at the movie setion on the TOPtoTOP homepage.
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February 21, 2008

Busy in Schools in Sydney

Malabar Public School:

Bellvue Hill Public School:

Parramatta Marist High School:

Andri steals the show:

Claremont College , primary school at Randwick:

Also the kids are busy! We start early morning with an Ovo-Schoppa ritual, before we do some climbing training: Salina climed 4 times to the top of the mast (20 m) in 4 days!

During the day we are in schools and at night and on the weekend we have visitors.

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