October 16, 2008



Andri got 2 years on the 25th of October on the TOPtoTOP sailboat Pachamama anchored in Sydney! Congratulations! ...and his father Dario had a great birthday party on the 16th of October.



Please note: We need still some donations for the "Alphorn" present for Dario. If you like to contribute please contact Sabine.

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October 27, 2008

from top back to sea

BreithornTOP2TOP 5.10.08 312_resize.jpg

It was a busy time in Switzerland: Mountain guiding to get the funds together so that we are able to repair our rigging for the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race where we go to promote renewable technologies with our SY Pachamama.
We were also collecting good examples to protect our climate. The best was to see family and friends and to start writing a book about the first part of the TOPtoTOP expedition together with Marc (book will be published in 2009).

20081025_au_sydney_ 005_resize.jpg

Now we are back on Pachamama. It was not easy to say goodbye to our families. Thanks again for all your love and help during our stay!

We are happy that everything is fine with our "home". We hope that we can repair our rigging next week and start sailing in about 2 weeks when Jacqui is joining the expedition.

Today we go with our bikes to Newcastle to visit some schools in the Hunters Valley till we can start with the repairs.

In the mean time we are busy preparing for the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, starting at the 26th of December. Darren from Melbourne is a big help in the preparation. If you are keen to join us on the event, please get in contact with Darren (darren.robey@sgs.com). Please note that at least 50% of the crew needs all certificates required.

Before we came back we climbed with the SGS-staff Mount Breithorn in the Swiss Alps. Here some pictures:

on the summit of Mount Breithorn 4164m

windy climb in thin air

when you need to be sure - take a rope

SGS-staff inside the glacier after the successful climb

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