November 12, 2008

Preparation for the SYDNEY-HOBART

HELLO! Firstly, sorry for our lack of communication with you all!! After a break in Switzerland due to the exciting development of the TOPtoTOP book being published, we are now "ALL STEAMS AHEAD!" getting ready for the many great events yet to come!! Most importantly being the 2008 ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART YACHT RACE!
This event is special for many reasons, not only is it our first time to compete in the race, but we are also very proudly representing our homeland as the first Swiss yacht ever to take part!!

20081112_au_sydney_ 068_resize.jpg

In preparation to this, we have had a lot of exciting developments! Firstly, the stability test in July came back with great results, increasing everyone's confidence that "Pachamama" is in outstanding condition. Our RIGGING has been completed, and last Monday we received our beautiful new sails, which the whole family is very excited about, and next Thursday we are also hoping to receive the Solent Sail, which will be decorated with the SGS logo. Not only that, but we also installed the new Raymarine Course Computer, VHF and GPS unit which was all destroyed by lightning!

Now, after a very positive audit with the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, we received our Marine Radio Certificate, and after some more work and installation, next Monday we hope to receive the GAS Safety certificate.
And talking about certificates, we all had a lot of fun this week getting cold and wet testing out rafts and life jackets in the freezing Sydney Harbour, taking part in the "Sea Safety and Survival Course!"

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But there's still a lot of work and organization to go! We're currently waiting to certify our Life Raft and PFDs, and a few more updates on the yacht. If our communication is slow at the moment, it is purely because we've been spending every second getting into gear for the big race!
One thing in particular we're looking forward too, is the CYC Press Conference on the 26th of November, where "PACHAMAMA" will be proudly on display. There, Dario and Sabine will be talking to the Media about the involvement of TOPtoTOP in the Sydney-Hobart and the expedition.

After that, the expedition really kicks into gear, as we sail onward to LORD HOWE ISLAND off the NSW coast. Here, we will visit the School, and educate the locals about climate change, in exchange for a tour of the almost untouched picturesque island.
Then, on the return journey, we will hold our breath for that famous day after Christmas, to take part in what is hoping to be one of the Best Sydney-Hobart races yet!!!

But the race hasn't taken over the main objective of the project, and our school visits are still underway! In October, we visited Wangi Wangi Primary school to teach with, and learn from the children.

20081112_au_sydney_ 002_resize.jpg

It is important also to remember, that none of this would be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, and once again, the whole family would like to thank everone for making the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition possible. We'll try keep you updated with all the progress and developments to come,

Best Regards,

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November 27, 2008

Best media conference so far!

Down load press release!

Time has flown by since our last report, as we get closer to the starting line of the 2008 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht race! PACHAMAMA has never looked better, with sparkling new logos on the Hull and sails, and even a bright new cover for the main-sail and dingy!



She looked very impressive as the centre-piece at the race press conference at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia last Wednsday. There, we gave a Press Conference and the whole family was filmed and interviewed by nearly all channels in Australia, including ABC, SBS, Channel 10 and FOX sport! The next day, the expedition even got a mention is the prestigious
Sydney morning herald, and an article and photo publicised in the Daily Telegraph!


But amidst all the bustling preparation for the race, the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition has still been working hard to promote it's cause! On the 25th of November, Dario visited a local school from Kirribilli, and had a fun time with the school giving a presentation.


He also had the time, in between repairing and preparing the boat, to do a clean up and tour in the Blue Mountains, with the boys from St Andrews Cathedral High School! The boys learnt plenty along the way about the effects we have on the environment, and the importance of keeping nature clean and beautiful! They also got a good lesson in waking up at 4am for a brisk morning hike! :)


And we can't forget about Salina and Andri, who have also been having a fun and busy time, helping their folks with the boat preparations, and spending some quality time at Sydneys Taronga Zoo to appreciate the wonderful wildlife!


But after a few very demanding and busy weeks, PACHAMAMA and it's crew are finally ready to set sail for the first time in a long while! First stop will be newcastle, north of sydney, before we make our way across to Lord Howe Island! The island is renowned for it's unique natural beauty and biodiversity, and has been listed as a World Heritage site since 1982. This makes it a perfect destination for the TOPtoTOP expedition, especially due to the direct threat climate change poses towards the islands fragile ecosystem. Hopefully, the trip will be a wonderful experience, and everyone is looking forward to finally opening the sails and making the journey across a stretch of the Pacific!

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