October 14, 2009

1st surf for Andri

We made friends with the family of the C.E.O. of Rip Curl South East-Asia Jeffry Anderson and were able to stay with his family (Jasmin, Sierra and Zen). His friend Jonni Morrison has a surf school and like that we got free surf lessons. There is a big Hindu festival at the moment in Bali, means no school visits for us. So we had time to surf and now we are totally into surfing!


Surf instructor Franky shows us to read the waves

Andri, still 2 years learned it in no time:





Salina is fast, Mami has a good balance and Papi likes the big waves.

Please do not forget Andri's birthday on the 25th of October. Address for birthday presents: Andri Schwörer, c/o Dr. Suzanne Hraba-Renevey, swissnex Singapore, 60, Biopolis Street, #01-01/02 Genome, Singapore


Totally happy after the first day, thank you Rip Curl!

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October 15, 2009

Clean up Bali

2009-10_bali 029.jpg

Thanks to Mercia Inkiriwang (Mimi), the Rotary Club of Nusa Dua, the Swiss consular Jon Zürcher and the environmentalist Supardi Asmorobangun the TOPtoTOP project is a big success in Bali. Many thanks also to the Conrad -, the Westin - and the Nikko Hotel providing us with the best facilities to organize all events. It was honor for us to talk to the staff and share our experiences regarding a sustainable tourism industry from our home country Switzerland and from the many countries we visited.

2009-10_bali 060.jpg

On the 7th of October TOPtoTOP in collaboration with the Mangrove Information Center made a big clean up in the Mangroves near Dempassar. 250 students from 7 schools were participating.

2009-10_bali 057.jpg

2009-10_bali 048.jpg

2009-10_bali 052.jpg

More than 500 kg were collected. Congratulations!

2009-10_bali 030.jpg

A big challenge for us was the SLB School. The students are unable to hear and speak! Mimi was translating Dario's speech and Sabine's workshop into Indonesian and a teacher further into the sign language. At the end they performed a dance without hearing the music, only watching the teacher in the back giving signals (see first picture of this report)!

On the way to visit the schools we were amazed to see the beauty of this island with its rice fields and couldn't resist to climb Mount Batur with our friends on SY Magnum and watch the sunrise:


Here a selection of some more schools we already visited:


Charity English school in Lovina, N-Bali.

2009-10_bali 012.jpg

Students of the Taman Kanak-Kanak Montessori School participating in the Climate Solution Contest.

2009-10_bali 037.jpg

The Green School of Sibang Kaja has students between 3 to 15 years from 20 countries. All immersed in a world of sustainability.

2009-10_bali 065.jpg
Andri's eyes.

At the moment the whole family is fighting against an ugly eye infection. From REGA and Irmala we get the best advises what to do. Thank you REGA and Irmala!

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October 16, 2009

Help Samoa! - Birthday & Infos


Happy Birthday Dario! Send him a message at dario ät toptotop.org

The TOPtoTOP Project visited various schools in Samoa in 2007. Please see the PDF from before and after the tsunami !
Instead of presents, Dario likes that you donate to an aid program organized by Swiss Consular and Rotarian Marco Kappenberger in Samoa. Here his message to Dario:

"Lieber Dario
Ja, es ist kaum möglich, eine Liste von bestimmtern Sachen die Benötigt werden zu erstellen. Wegen der Distanz und der so tragischen Situation ist es eher so dass die einzige praktische Möglichkeit der Unterstützung Geld ist, damit wir hier optimal den benachteiligsten Opfer in echt rotarischer Art helfen können. Jede Spende geht 100% and die Opfer. Ich zahle selber z.B. alle meine Erkundungs- und Verteilungskosten auf der anderen Inselseite.
Herzlichst, Marco mit Maria Ines"

Here the details to make a donation:

Bank ASB Bank Wyndham Branch
P O Box 35 Shortland Street Auckland 1140, New Zealand
Fax +64 9 302 1541
Branch Address 138/142 Queen Street Auckland
Account Number 123057 0105704 00
Account Owner Rotary District 9920 World Community Service Committee
The overseas contact phone number for ASB Bank Auckland is +649 306 3000
Please email to advise when funds are sent to Paul Sargison, Mob. 021 313 033 psarge@xtra.co.nz, and tell him that it is from "TOPtoTOP" for "Samoa"

Pease find attached TOPtoTOP annual report in English or in German and the planning draft 2009-10...and mark the dates below in your agenda...

On the 20th of November 2009 TOPtoTOP Foundation is 10 years old. Please join us next summer from the 7th to the 15th of August for the "10th anniversary camp" in the Engiadine Valley, Switzerland. This camp is great for the whole family! We do glacier hikes, easy rock climbing, dinghy sailing on the lake and much more...like on the Global TOPtoTOP Expedition. We stay on the campground in Maloja. You can also join us for a day.

Please note that we are still looking for people participating for our biggest event this year: "Clean up Everest". We are still looking for volunteers to join us to trek from Lucla to Everest Base Camp between the 6th and 14th of April. Further we are looking for skilled climbers helping us to clean also above base camp up to the TOP!

Do not forget to bay the magazine "Schweizer Familie" mid November. You will find a great article in there!


P.S. Our book is in the book shops after the 15th of November 2009. Title: "Die Schwörers", IBSN 978-3-03763-008-2

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