May 1, 2012

1st impression of Brazil

2012-04_rio (6).JPG
The first island of Brazil was "Ilha Agulhas" and we were welcomed by a beautiful rainbow. The next island was "Trinidade". So it was time to put the Brazilian fag:
2012-04_rio (9).JPG
2012-04_rio (17).JPG
The first TOPtoTOP school presentations we did in the Swiss School in Rio. Salina and Andri were able to join this great school. On Salina's 7th birthday were close to 50 friends at her birthday party on Pachamama at Marina da Gloria in the center of Rio:
2012-04_rio (14).JPG
2012-04_rio (24).JPG
Salina's is at the moment busy caring about a butterfly that lost one wing.

2012-04_rio (28).JPGTOP of Sugarloaf Mountain - Pao Acucar...and some impressions around Pachamama

Anchored just under the Sugarloaf Mountain we couldn't wait to climb it.
2012-04_rio_16.jpgDario climbed with Dudo first the Italian route:Italianos Sugar Loaf.jpg Salina and Andri did a great job!2012-04_pao-acucar_kids.jpgSalina, Andri and Noe. See Andri abseiling.
2012-04_rio (26).JPG

In the second week the whole family got very sick and Salina got pneumonia! It was super expensive: One consultation was more than CHF 500.-!

2012-04_rio (18).JPGThanks to the Swiss General Consul Hans Ulrich Tanner and Monika Fueger from the Swiss Consulate in Rio we had a great reception with more than 48 people visiting Pachamama:
2012-04_rio (19).JPGThe reception tent
2012-04_rio (20).JPGKarl Kieliger, representative of Victorinox in Brazil
We met already a lot of friends: Bill and Marjorie from SY Second Wind joined us for a sleep over in Rio; Paul and Joyce with Darian from SY Bayamee is anchored next to us; cycling friends of Jacqui came for a visit; we were invited to a wonderful Swiss meal by our Swiss friends in Rio: Andreas, Hans, Hanspeter, Hans-Ulrich, Urs etc. we met at the reception and finally we followed an invitation to my father's cousin "Ruth" and her husband Peter in Marica:2012-04_rio (29).JPG

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May 19, 2012

Alegra 1

Note: We are busy with organizing our TOPtoTOP activities in the schools of this beautiful area of Angra/Parati and plan an activity week with the National Park Ilha Grande from the 28th of May to the 5th of June.
Unfortunately the internet is very slow so it takes a long time to do reports and upload pictures... more pics when we are back in Rio for the World Earth Summit in June.

2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_sunrise.JPGSunrise on Ilha Grande; Alegra is always the first in our family
2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_alegra-mum2.JPGAlegra and Sabine getting ready to go to the beach
2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_alegra-mum3.JPGAlegra and Sabine on the hike
2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_view-pico-papagalo.JPGgreat views and hikes on Ilha Grande

Yesterday Alegra became 1 year old in Abraao on Ilha Grande Brazil (S23.08.32W044.09.49). We have been on Pico Papagalo and celebrated her birthday with our friends from SY Bayamee(anchored next to us), SY Runaway and our local friends Michelle and Andres with their family members.
2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_birthdayparty.JPGParticipants at birthday party
2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_lopes-mendes.JPGbeach at Lopes Mendes
2012-05-18_geburi-alegra_abraao-kids-pirates_low.jpghappy pirates!

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