July 7, 2015

4th surgery and inspiring students

4th surgery this Wednesday, please pray and cross fingers that all goes well. Soon Dario is one month in hospital.

People who like to participate cycling into schools in Southern California with e-bikes to inspire students to protect our climate, please get in contact with sabine (at) toptotop.org.

Posted by dario at 11:04 AM

July 23, 2015

good news

Dario was able to leave the University Hospital just before the weekend and started this week with physiotherapy. After laying in bed for 39 days and 4 surgeries, it will take him now some month to recover and train the ruptured Achilles tendon.

The next 2 weeks we can stay in Rheinfelden at a stuff's flat offered by the hospital, where the mistake happened. Like that we are close to the Altius Clinic where Dario gets his treatment and the kids can swim in the river Rhein. After the 2 weeks here in Rheinfelden, we still do not know where we can stay? Sabine's phone +41 (0) 79 243 46 62, Dario's phone is +41 (0) 77 218 79 61.

Posted by dario at 7:26 PM