September 3, 2015

Follow up school visits Dana Point

2015-04-21_usa-dana-point_st-marys-school-2.JPGSt. Mary's school

Note: Dario had a small operation on Tuesday. It was the 5th, but he is in good spirit that now it comes good.

Sorry the delay. Here the activities and people who did a great job before and during the difficult time of the accident:


Gary Headrick was the great organizer in Southern California! He managed a base for the expedition boat Pachamama at the famous Ocean Institute in Dana Point. We did activities in collaboration with the Institute and used it as a base for our many activities in Southern California before moving to the Maritime Museum in San Diego. In Dana Point Jenny left for a visit of her family in GB and broke her food during her stay.

2015-04-11_usa-dana-point_ocean-institute-presentation-2.JPG public presentation Ocean Institute Dana Point


The Ocean Institute is a perfect fit for TOPtoTOP. Kids are able to do experiments, touch nature in field trips and learn about alternative energies on SY Pachamama.



2015-04-18_usa-dana-point_example-recycling-paddle-board.JPG example: recycling paddle board

2015-04-07_usa-san-clemente_award-from-major.JPGCertificate of Recognition from Major of San Clemente

Some impressions of the schools we visited around Dana Point:

2015-04-17_usa-san-juan-capistrano_earthroots-field-school-1.JPGEarthroots Field School, San Juan Capistrano


2015-04-14_usa-solana-beach_solana-beach-school-1.JPGSolana Beach School



2015-04-10_usa-laguna-beach_anneliese-school-1.JPGAnneliese School Laguna Beach


2015-04-21_usa-dana-point_st-marys-school-1.JPG Dana Point High School

2015-04-21_usa-dana-point_st-marys-school-5.JPGSt. Mary's School

2015-04-21_usa-dana-point_st-marys-school-4.JPGprize for great student effort

Some impressions of the public presentations around Dana Point:

2015-04-15_usa-san-clemente_presentation-ecology-center-1.JPGEcology Center of San Clemente


2015-04-13_usa-laguna-beach_transition-presentation.JPGTransition town Laguna Beach

2015-04-07_usa-dana-point_rotary-club-san-clemente.JPGRotary Club of San Clemente

2015-04-24_usa-dana-point_ocean-institute-open-boat.JPGsome of many people visiting the expedition boat and learn about renewable technologies during our stay at the famous pier of the Ocean Institute in Dana Point

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