September 22, 2006

Clean up the world day

Hello, here is Salina again:

We were navigating from Morea to Aroe on Tahiti. So I have a lot to do and watch out for whales, other boats and floating containers.

The Yacht Club in Aroe offered us a mooring and we have done a presentation.

Daniel helped us in Taravao to verify the mooring for the time we are busy during the landing of Andri. We also put the sails down and I organized Pachamama the way I like it. I already have my own house!

Mom and dad are now 5 years married and we went out for a Pizza. The other day we have had dinner with students in Taravao where we have had a big audience at night.

On the Clean-up-the world-day on the 16th of September we organized a clean up on the Peninsula of Tahiti. Marika (above on the left) invited us for a trekking. That was great: we went trough the jungle to waterfalls, pools and a nice sandy beach on the very east cap.

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