March 12, 2014

Cordova start SEA2TOP

2014-03-01_usa_alaska_cordova_expedition-family-climbing-low.JPGFamily expedition up the ski hill incl. camping up there

2014-03-01_usa_alaska_cordova_expedition-family-tent-sun-set-low.JPGcamping after climbing the ski hill

Alegra crashed her teeth jumping from the stairs and needed to go to Anchorage to see a dentist. It was 8 hours to get to Dr. Engibous, who was just great! Alegra will be fine soon and the only risk at the moment is an infection.

2014-03-07_usa_alaska_sea-to-denali_dario-cycling-portage-lake.JPGDario cycling on Portage Lake; pic by

Mount Denali (Mount McKinley) is the TOP of North America. At the moment there is Sabine Schwoerer, Martin Schuster, Odin Miller, Dana Smyke, Peter Locher and Dario Schwoerer in the team to hopefully cycle, ski, climb and clean up from Sea to the TOP.

Last year we sailed with our expedition sailboat Pachamama to Whittier and hiked over Portage Pass, where we stopped, because infront of us was the Portage lake and on the side the crevassed Portage Glacier and on the other side steep cliffs.
Last week the lake was frozen and we were able to do the leg between the point we stopped and Anchorage cycling. It was cold, but beautiful weather. Thanks to family Ted and Ginny Moore and family Rayna Swanson & David Wigglesworth we had a place to stay.

For the leg from Anchorage to Talkeetna (approx. 300 km+) we just got a report from Martin, who joins us on Denali:
The snow conditions near petersville/talkeetna are sparse but there is snow on the ground. Further North in the Denali area there is NO snow. It is weird... I was looking at the bike path from Anchorage to Wasilla and it has now but is well packed and looks good. It has been very warm in Anchorage and I think that the Girdwood to Anchorage bike path would be fine as well for walking/skiing and probably biking too.

More pics here.

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February 27, 2014

Swiss Roadshow

2013-12-17_ch_root_presentation-low.jpgThe 10 weeks in Switzerland were very busy. Highlights: 1st time Xmas with our families since we are on the expedition and meeting friends.

We had a lot of presentations and interviews: The most important have been our talk at the Schmidheiny Symposium in Interlaken and the interview in the Aschbacher-Show, Swiss TV.

Thanks to Family Estermann we had a place to stay in the mountain village Braunwald - thanks to our families in Jakobstal and Vilters. The kids did well in school and skied most of the time after school.

The most energy and time we needed to organize the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award. It was again very successful. Here some films from Jacqui and some feedbacks:

Check the Award Facebook page!

"Hi Dario, how are you? Jacqui and I met yesterday at Singapore. It was so nice seeing her again. We were thinking to organize some outdoor sports under the name of toptotop from next week on. The most important pickup from this trip for me is sports CHANGE LIFE. Many people like to do protect the environment because they do outdoor sports and feel the beauty of nature. Then people makes friends easily when doing sports. Becoming healthier, happier and stronger in mind. I wish to promote this idea which also aligns with TOPTOTOP goal. We were also thinking to organize some presentation about our trip in Singapore. Some of my friends are already asking how to join us.
Best regards to you and families Ginny"

"Hey Dario, I just wanted to say thank you and how much I enjoyed the award program in Switzerland. I came back so inspired to do some more great projects for the planet and am so happy to have this global network to work with and bounce ideas off. Thanks so much for your hard work in organizing it.
It was wonderful to see you and the family again and hope it will not be too long before we meet again - I must make it out to the boat one of these days Love Louise"

Many thanks to all of you who supported us during this busy and sometimes difficult time.
Pics in our Dropbox

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